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Hosts: Sir TJ The Wrathful, Ben Doerfel, Shredward, Kurtisdrums, & Cousin Mike plus special guests!

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Our family started to play shows in 2001. In 2008 we went by The Doerfels. In 2017 we changed our band name to “Fuel On Fire” for a name easier to market and spell. In 2019 the band took a break. In July of 2023 we discovered “value for value music”, and started our podcast by getting together about once a week and going through our old music while working on new tunes and reminiscing of life on the road as kids. We decided to embrace our Doerfel name as our spirits come alive working on music once again!

Play in browser or app. Click around and try them out. Music on Podcasting 2.0 is brand new, so apps and services are being upgraded and improved often. Each of these are made by one or two developers who are passionate about what they do just like us musicians. So not only are you supporting independent artists, but the independent developers as well!


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  • We record Sunday nights around 7:30pm central, so tune in then to catch us live and be a part of the show in real time!

Value for Value. If you find value, send some back with time, talent, or treasure!

“Time” Listening and sharing the show/music with someone you think might find value too. “Talent” Are you artistic? We would love custom show art or any other talents you may want to share! “Treasure” You can support us through boostagrams(Which we read on every episode), or we accept paypal donations, cash app, and venmo. You are not a fan, you are a real Producer!

The beautiful thing about this is there are no middlemen. If you support us through boostagrams all the value is automatically split with the brand new wallet splitting technology. You send any amount of Satoshi’s and it goes from your Lightning Wallet directly to the Artists wallet, along with an optional message you send!

Check out these great services and apps that we use! All our music is self hosted and completely controlled by us, thanks to Podcastindex.org and MusicSideProject.com

Learn about music in podcasting 2.0 on Adam Curry’s Boostagram Ball! He played “Bloodshot Lies” on the debut episode below!

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